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Water Main, Catch Basin and Sewer Repair

As water mains, catch basins and sewer systems age, signs of failure begin to show.

Water main repair

Drain-All excavates, repairs and reinstates areas affected by failing water mains, whether they’re on residential or city property.

If you are a home owner who has noticed a lack of water coming into your home, or an abundance of water accumulating on your front lawn or around your house’s foundation, you may be experiencing water main issues.

Drain-All will provide a solution, either through mechanical means or hydrovac excavation. We will recommend the solution that best suits the work environment and that is most cost effective.

Catch basin and sewer repair

Catch basins are engineered drainage structures that collect rainwater and snowmelt from city streets. Sewers direct sewage from toilets and sinks to the city sewer.

The upper ring of concrete in a catch basin or manhole will deteriorate and crumble, and lids can crack and need to be replaced. Drain-All has years of experience repairing catch basins, sanitary sewers, and replacing lids on city streets and on residential and commercial properties.


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