Plumbing, CCTV & Utility Locating

Drain-All provides a full range of plumbing services with deep expertise as a utility locator and hydrovac excavator. Our decades of experience and impressive health and safety record have enabled us to grow our business steadily since the mid-1980s. From simple services such as sewer and sump cleaning to back flow testing, frozen pipe repair and CCTV pipeline inspection, we are available 24/7.


Plumbing Services

Drain-All provides 24/7 service for any and all plumbing maintenance or emergency issues.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Drain-All is available 24/7 for all frozen pipe repairs, using high pressure steam or electrical current.

Back flow Installation and Testing

Drain-All provides annual inspection and testing of back flow preventers for our commercial customers.

Water Main, Catch Basin and Sewer Repair

Drain-All has extensive experience utilizing various methods to repair infrastructure that is damaged or compromised.

Root Cutting

Drain-All uses CCTV camera technology, along with various cutting techniques, to inspect pipes and cut and remove protruding roots.

Leak Detection

Drain-All’s leak detection service will diagnose why you are losing water pressure and where.

CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Drain-All’s state-of-the-art CCTV video inspection equipment and certified technicians will diagnose and provide solutions for your sewer and drain issues.

Utility Locating

Drain-All will provide private locating services to map all utilities on your project site.

Hydrovac Excavation

Year-round, Drain-All will safely expose your pipes, lines, cables and other infrastructure, using non-invasive air, water and vacuum techniques.

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

Drain-All’s highly trained and certified staff provide confined space entry and rescue services for our own staff and on behalf of clients.

Private Sewer Lateral Launch

Drain-All televises private sewer laterals to ensure their integrity and rule out utility cross-connections.

Sewer, Culvert and Catch Basin Cleaning

Drain-All uses a range of techniques to remove calcite, grease, sediment and tree roots from main sewers and catch basins.

Sump Pit Inspection and Maintenance

From regular scheduled maintenance to emergency service, Drain-All will keep your sump pit free of debris and in excellent working condition.

Flushing and Pumping (Wet and Dry)

Drain-All uses a variety of equipment, such as sewer flushing and vacuum units to clean blocked sewer lines and vacuum debris from overflowing drains, blocked pits and catch basins.


Safety and quality. All the time.

Whether you need emergency assistance or would like to request a quote, we are here for you.

Drain-All has joined one of North America’s leading diversified environmental services providers. We are now GFL Environmental!

Though our name and look will be changing, you may rest assured that the quality service you’ve come to expect from us will remain the same.

We look forward to working with you as GFL. Should you have any questions about this transition or require further information, please visit or contact us directly.