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Flushing and Pumping (Wet and Dry)

Drain-All’s highly trained operators safely flush and pump hazardous and non-hazardous materials for our industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal customers.


Drain-All’s high-pressure water-flushing process is ideal for removing stones, grease, sludge and other debris from wastewater collection systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, lift stations, manholes and catch basins.

Our highly trained operators have decades of experience providing this service for industrial customers, such as steel mills, as part of their plant-maintenance shutdowns. Our expert teams work around the clock to minimize your downtime.

Wet and dry pumping

Drain-All pumps wet and dry materials from pits, troughs, silos and large areas. We use a process that washes the affected area and vacuums the resulting liquid so no waste enters the sewer system. Drain-All also has a low profile vacuum truck ideal for pumping parking garages and other confined, harder-to-access areas.

We use a range of equipment to get the job done

Wet/dry power vacuum units

Drain-All’s wet/dry power vacuum units are capable of pumping light powders to heavy sludges. Depending on site conditions and the materials to be removed, our units are able to vacuum up to a distance of 600 feet, with a vertical lift of 80 feet. These units are also equipped with transfer pumps, enabling us to simultaneously transfer material to a containment or processing area designated by the customer. When dealing with powders, our units are equipped with two-stage filtration to prevent any releases.

VAC2SAC vacuuming and bagging

Drain-All uses its innovative VAC2SAC unit, which vacuums into super sacks, to clean process areas and equipment, and to transfer dry materials from spills for recycling. The VAC2SAC enables easy transfer of the product from railcar to railcar, and to roll-off containers. Drain-All’s VAC2SAC units are mobile, equipped with HEPA-filtration, versatile and ideal for heavy or light duty industrial cleaning.

Hazardous waste roll-off containers

Drain-All uses hazardous waste roll-off containers of all sizes to store and transport waste before we safely dispose of it. Gasket seals on doors, dual liners inside the containers and a tarp to keep materials contained and away from the surrounding area.

Onsite frac tanks

In scenarios where high volumes of water need to be contained onsite, Drain-All pumps the water for temporary storage into its mobile frac tanks, which range from 40,000 to 80,000 litres, while the water is being analyzed. By removing water immediately into a frac tank we help minimize environmental damage.

Once we have analyzed the water and our disposal plan is in place, Drain-All’s vac trucks draw loads from the frac tank for transport, processing and disposal. The frac tank’s internal steam coils reduce the likelihood that liquids will freeze during storage.


Safety and quality. All the time.

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Drain-All has joined one of North America’s leading diversified environmental services providers. We are now GFL Environmental!

Though our name and look will be changing, you may rest assured that the quality service you’ve come to expect from us will remain the same.

We look forward to working with you as GFL. Should you have any questions about this transition or require further information, please visit or contact us directly.