2021 Malcolm McMillan Health & Safety Awards

In 2019, Drain-All established the Malcolm McMillan Health & Safety award in honour of a beloved employee and leader who passed away. Malcolm was instrumental in developing and supervising Drain-All’s Emergency Response Team, and was respected by all who worked with him.
Every year, Drain-All recognizes one worker from each of our facilities who has made a meaningful contribution to our overall health and safety program. For 2021, we are pleased to honour the following individuals:

Stevenage: Chris Duperron (Pictured Above): Chris has been with Drain-All since 2013 and leads by example each day, being a positive influence on our Team.  Chris performs his job as Stockroom Attendant and elected Joint Health and Safety Committee member with the regard for the well being of his fellow workers.  He assists with the onboarding of all new workers at the Stevenage facility, orienting them to the workplace on their first days, helping them to get all required safety gear, and assisting with safe work procedure training.  Chris has taken on additional cleaning protocols as part of our COVID-19 safety measures put in place at the onset of the pandemic.  Chris also takes an active roll each day as stockroom attendant to assist his fellow workers with PPE issuance from the stockroom, making sure workers have the right safety equipment for their work tasks. Thank you Chris for your continued leadership and Congratulations!

Napanee: Tim Cullinane: Tim joined our Team in April of 2017 and currently manages the stockroom and other duties at the Napanee facility.  Tim leads by example – as the elected worker member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, Tim assists his fellow workers each day, ensuring work is done in a safe manner.  Tim will communicate positive feedback to both his fellow workers and Management, offering suggestions and asking questions to keep matters of safety front and center.  Tim maintains the equipment in the stockroom in safe and ready condition to ensure workers have the equipment to complete their tasks safely and efficiently.  Tim assists Management with a walkthrough of the facility each day with a focus on safety, housekeeping, safety labelling and signage. He reports any deficiencies to Supervisors and Management and participates with any corrective actions necessary.  When scheduled off-site, Tim will participate at job sites with the Industrial Operations Team members, completing industrial tasks safely in accordance with the safe work rules of our clients and also our safe work protocols for field activities. Congratulations Tim!

Hawthorne: Ryan Engelbertink: Ryan has been a dedicated employee of Drain-All for over 10 years. He has advanced from his position as Industrial Labourer, to Industrial DZ Operator, to Industrial Operations Field Supervisor, all with a desire for continued learning and growth. Safety has been Ryan’s top priority; evidenced by his incident free record for his entire career … what an achievement! In his current role, Ryan checks in and works with many of our staff on projects, teaching and explaining the proper operation of equipment and safe work practices. He is also involved with many of clients in understanding their safe work practices and methods and, in turn, delivers requirements to all of staff. Just this year, we achieve a 95% success rate in the training and testing delivered by Ryan for the compliance department of one of our largest customers. Drain-All continuously receives compliments from our clients on his safety and professionalism when directly involved with their day-to day projects or planned service shutdowns. His preparation, attention to detail and communications with our clients or staff, plays a significant role in the success of many of our projects and shutdowns. Thank you Ryan for your efforts to make Drain-All a leader in Health & Safety. A well-deserved recognition!


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